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Re: Toshiba BDX2250

rtm wrote:
Cerberus wrote:
test it hard for me over next few days and report back if it works on everything ZIP will add it as standard in next release. :)
Sure thing I think its the same software almost all the Toshiba BDP are based on so it will work for many people.

What should I set "Number of CPU cores to use" to if it has 2 cores but 4 virtual. ... e-2_53-GHz)

as many as u have the more you use the fast it will be :) and yer all toshiba BDP and HT use same setup. :) gunna add a please test thread soon.

EDIT: please direct all question about this profile to this post regarding Toshiba Blue-ray players (BDP) viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5164 thanks :)
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