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Subtitles lead to unsupported format error



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Subtitles lead to unsupported format error

I've been perusing the internet and tweaking the settings for hours now and still haven't managed to get subtitles to play on my TV. Went from Serviio to PS3 media server and back to Serviio, discovered the Subtitles tab, and was then stuck again figuring out why I suddenly couldn't play any of my files anymore.

As of now, I can play any file (with exception of MKV files), as long as I don't have the 'Enable extraction of subtitles' and 'Enable burned-in subtitles' boxes checked. If I do check either of them I get an immediate error of 'Unsupported file format' (or sometimes it will get my hopes up and seem to open the file only to then display the error).

I have absolutely no clue about error reports and such so if you'd want to help me and need something, please let me know where to find it.

I have a pretty old Philips flat TV (HD ready) and it works with the generic profile as well as both the Philips profiles. I'm using a Humax 5200C.


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Re: Subtitles lead to unsupported format error

Take a look at the thread right below this one.

1.- Update Serviio to the latest version AND get the latest ffmpeg, just in case.
2.- Check that your .srt files are either ANSI or UTF8 AND that they start with a 0 or 1 line. If they start with 2 they'll fail.

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