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V2.0 - Online Sources messed up under MediaBrowser


Paul C

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Post Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:16 pm

V2.0 - Online Sources messed up under MediaBrowser

Since the introduction of usernames my Online Sources no longer appear under MediaBrowser.

I carried out a test by adding a username to one item and then it appeared !
Does this mean I have to add a Username to all 200 internet radio stations ?
I do not want to use Usernames anyway.

As the UPnP Online Sources stream still works OK this means it's functionality is now different to the MediaBrowser functionality.
Surely a default option i.e. blank username would allow the MediaBrowser functionality to continue to operate the same as under 1.9.1.

Also how does the Online Source export/import now work and how will other users be able to import the .sob file? (see viewtopic.php?f=42&t=24378#p116776 )
Did anyone think about this? (import/export already had it's issues (see feature requests/Bitbucket).

Online sources worked fine on MediaBrowser under 1.9.1 but now appears to be a pain.
My 14 day v2.0 update trial expires today and I think it is best to revert until these issues are resolved.

I love Serviio but am a little disappointed. (sorry to be a bit negative).
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Post Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:11 am

Re: V2.0 - Online Sources messed up under MediaBrowser

Yes, you're correct.

The Sob files will just ignore the user (when imported from 1.x), as the whole mechanism is completely different.

It'd be useful for you to sign up to the betatester programme to find these things early. I wasn't expecting users with so many online streams :-)

The fact a user has to be selected is to make the access tighter, rather than looser. You could try to setup anonymous access to MediaBrowser, it should then ignore the username and work the same as via UPnP clients (where a renderer has no assigned user).

https://serviio.org/index.php?option=co ... icle&id=43



as the system property: https://serviio.org/index.php?option=co ... e&id=21#q3

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