Post Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:47 pm

Serviio: App for Western Digital NAS MyCloud Mirror

Dear Serviio Team,

Absolutely love your product!!!! I've tried many DLNA enable streaming products and devices (all Sony), and your product is well designed and engineered.

My request would be if you could also provide support for NAS device - Western Digital My Cloud Mirror (old version): ... irror.html
DLNA: TwonkyServer
Firmware Version : 2.11.153
Copyright © 2010-2015 Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

Problem: Western Digital DLNA streaming app (TwonkyServer) does not support pause, forward, rewind for .mpg and subsequently all video files files need to be rename to .mkv to support playback options. This causes major issues when adding new media players. The only fix to this problem was to install Plex. Plex appears to be a good product but puts to high of a memory demand on my NAS and had to be uninstalled.

I'm currently running your Serviio product installed on Windows XP Professional, SP3, on Intel E7400 @ 2.80GHz with 2gig of RAM attached (1 gig. Ethernet) to NAS. Works GREAT, but would like to have Serviio app install on NAS and not dependent on WinXP client.

Thank you!