Post Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:54 pm scrobbling


Happy Serviio user for the past few years here, I have a nice setup for playing audio tracks with my Playstation 4 now, with its new native FLAC support.

I'm also a big user of keeping a record of the music I play on, but it's difficult with this setup.

So here's an official feature request for support for scrobbling. Specifically, adding a yes/no option for scrobbling in the settings, a way of authenticating with through Serviio, then pinging when playing an audio file through Serviio. I think one can optionally support their "now playing" feature by sending a ping at the beginning of an audio track as well.

Obviously this hinges on how much data Serviio can (or wants to) read from audio tags.

Thanks for looking.

EDIT: And of course there already is a ticket on BitBucket for this. Should have checked before I opened the ticket.