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How to flag favorite episodes?



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Post Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:29 am

How to flag favorite episodes?

I have >13K video files (12TB) spinning right now and it would be nice if I could flag favorites.

I was thinking that maybe SERVIIO could treat Windows Shortcuts as native media and that would permit me to create shortcuts to favorite episodes or even movies in a new folder ... maybe I would call it "faves" ... and then when I bring up the folder list in KODI or MEDIA BROWSER, I can just go to that "faves" folder and see only the episodes that are my favorites without the need to duplicate the actual media files (disk space considerations).

This would also be convenient for creating a folder structure, for instance, a folder called Word War II and be able to reference some of those videos in a folder called Film Noir without duplicating the actual video files.

If there is already a mechanism within SERVIIO to do this, please explain.

I do not want to rely soley upon constantly changing vagaries and whims of the Genre in the sites like theTVDB.com or TheMovieDB.org and I don't wish to embroil myself in the politics of those sites. They seem to be intransigent and not very creative in terms of thinking. A whole lot of really, really bad grammar and misspellings in the descriptions of the videos - and they are locked against edits! You would think they would at least run a spellchecker and rudimentary grammar checker against descriptions before they would accept them or lock them! Lots and lots of homophones and just plain bad grammar from, obviously, non native English speakers. Many of the descriptions are little more than one or two very long run on sentences.


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Re: How to flag favorite episodes?

For something that works with Serviio right now, you could build playlists. I do this, and have about two dozen different playlists. The nice thing about them is that you can place the titles in whatever order you desire, and that's the way they appear on your player. For example, I have a Twilight Zone playlist. Instead of having to browse to Series, Twilight Zone, Season, and then select the episode, I can go to Playlists, Twilight Zone, and every episode is there in a single place. I have one for Star Wars, Star Trek, John Wayne, Spielberg, Classics, well, you get the idea. :D

If you are using Windows, there's a free app called Playlist Creator that makes building a playlist a simple drag and drop operation.

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