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Online sources thumbnails & invalid entries flagging

PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 3:53 pm
by Paul C
1. Online sources thumbnails
The thumbnails for Online sources are not updating.
They appear to be cached by Serviio (as several different access devices are showing the same Issue), as is the MediaBrowser.

They need to be reloaded/refreshed when Serviio starts and periodically (at least daily) in case Serviio is running 24/7.

qfm2.jpg (41 KiB) Viewed 648 times

This is the updated one (top) but still showing old one below. This was changed on the 18/08/2018. i.e. two years ago.
qfm1.jpg (51.47 KiB) Viewed 648 times

Force refresh on the Online sources item does not work and even when I changed the name to an invalid one (it showed Blank on MediaBrowser) it went back to the old one when I changed the URL back.

2. Online sources invalid entries flagging
Some Online sources entries flag errors when Serviio loads (in the Serviio log) if they are invalid.
It would be useful if they were also flagged on the Online sources entries if they fail on last load/refresh.