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additional directory listings?



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Post Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:25 am

additional directory listings?

I"m wondering like other servers I could be able to simply list directory's as I have then listed on my PC. For example a directory for TV Shows and a separate directory for Movies. I have many listing and anything but the most recent already depicted in your structure is not enough with only 10 listings. In short I would like to see two folders added "Movies" and TV Shows. This way I don't have to go back to my computer and write down in advance what I might to see.


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Post Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:05 pm

Re: additional directory listings?

Not sure I'm following. I have my movies and TV shows in completely different folders, in some cases on different hard drives. For example, on my test server I have my E drive with the following folders: E:\Movies, E:\Music, E:\Test Videos, and E:\TV Shows. Within each of those folders, I have sub-folders. For TV shows, I have a separate folder for each show. For Movies I have 4K, Recorded TV, Star Wars and Star Trek. I don't have to have the last two, but I've kept both of those franchises in separate folders. On my main Serviio computer, I have far more folders, spread across 5 different hard drives.

On the test server console, I have the libraries set up with Music, Movies, Test Videos and TV shows as separate library entries. I don't want metadata lookup for the test videos, which is why I have them as a separate location, so I can disable metadata search for them.

Serviio is intelligent enough to to separate movies and TV shows, even if they are within the same folder structure. It does this as long as the file names follow the recommended format.

If I go into Folder view, I see each of these folders as a separate location, with any sub-folders listed within. So I see my TV shows and Movies separately in that view. The only failure I have with TV shows appearing under the Titles/Movies listing is when theTVDB doesn't have entries for a particular season/episode. I've encountered that with some recordings of the old TV show Hee Haw. TheTVDB is missing entire seasons of that show, so some episodes show up in the Movies list. But that's not the fault of Serviio specifically.

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Post Sat Jan 30, 2021 12:47 pm

Re: additional directory listings?

Serviio seems to be smart enough to identify a movie from a TV series, but how about meta types (like pixar shorts) ?

My serviio appears to identify them as Movies, not television (it's hard to say what hey should be, this is a little arbitrary)

The ones I have are in a specific subfolder where I keep my movies,
i.e here is my layout (unix).....

I'd like to be able to tag this subdirectory as a special case and create a specific share for that pixar shorts AND not scan it as a subfolder of movies.
Additionally, i'd like to be able to mask it off so it doesn't get detected as movie content and prevent the titles from appearing in my movie listings.

Short of creating a new top level folder at the same level as music, movies, television, is this possible ?


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Post Sun Mar 07, 2021 7:30 pm

Re: additional directory listings?

Having custom top level directories is interesting, but I don't know how essential it is. I assume many have similar interests. For me is is "Family Videos".

However, I get by by placing these files in a separate directory (ie not under "\Movies" as you have) and accessing them through "Folders" at the top menu.
When you define this folder in the library, disable "Retrieve descriptive metadata".

If there were an ability to define a library directory as a "Special top level Menu item" in Serviio, I would use it, but it wouldn't be too high on my wish list.
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