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Anyone using Serviio as a DLNA server?



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Anyone using Serviio as a DLNA server?

I'm very new to Serviio. I have an old Win-XP machine that I'm going to use as a simple DLNA media server. I installed the latest version of Serviio on it -- very simple install and very easy to configure -- a nice program.

The files I am serving via DLNA are all simple BluRay main-title rips: uncompressed BD.m2ts files containing the HD video, HD audio and a subtitle track. BD.m2ts is DLNA supported so doesn't need any transcoding. In addition to this Serviio equipped PC, I have a pair of NAS units (DNS-321) that are enabled as DLNA servers (their native firmware, no add-ins) and have worked fine serving these BD.m2ts files for quite a while.

I have three distinct DLNA capable streaming devices (WDTV Live+, WDTV Live-SMP, Panasonic DMP-BD75) set up with the proper profiles in Serviio. So here's the issue: mini militia apk
Every BD.m2ts with a DTS-HD audio track streams perfectly through Serviio to all 3 players.
Every BD.m2ts with a Dolby TrueHD audio track that I try to stream through Serviio causes all 3 players to issue an error message that the player doesn't support the file format.
In contrast, streaming BD.m2ts via DLNA from the NAS units is perfect for files containing either DTS-HD or DD TrueHD.

Anyone with any Serviio experience come across this. Is it an issue with Serviio or am I doing something wrong.
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Re: Anyone using Serviio as a DLNA server?

Serviio merely streams the media as specified by the profile assigned to the player. But I think your issue here is simple. None of the devices you listed support bitstreaming lossless audio. Maybe the Panasonic player. But even if the player supports it, you still need to have the audio processed by an AVR that supports the audio codec you're trying to play. If you are connecting any of these players directly to a TV, and not using an AVR for sound processing, you'll never get trueHD audio. The reason your DTS-MA tracks will play is because DTS contains the lossy core audio with the MA audio, so your players are capable of playing DTS. You're not hearing the lossless audio track, but you at least get sound. Your NAS DLNA server is transcoding the audio, so that's why they all play. Most likely they are all getting transcoded to standard Dolby Digital, which virtually any player can handle.

BD.m2ts is DLNA supported so doesn't need any transcoding.

That's not accurate. DLNA can stream almost any audio and video codec. M2TS is a container, nothing more. I can put any number of video or audio codecs within it, some that your players will support and some they might not. Whatever the 3-4 character file extension is, it's just the container that holds the media. The MKV container is the most versatile. Some have limitations on the codecs they can contain.

So, how do you get the audio to play for all your files? You use a profile in the Serviio console for each player that best matches the formats supported. The WDTV streaming boxes are extremely old (more than 10 years if I remember correctly), and it's possible they simply can't handle streaming lossless audio. Same with the Panasonic DMP-BD75, as it too is really old. But again, if you're not using an AVR for your audio processing, then there's no issue with having all your audio transcoded to DD. It doesn't require much computer power to transcode audio, so your older computer should be fine. As a test, you can try assigning the Roku Media Player profile, as it will transcode the lossless audio but passthrough the video from an M2TS container. Try the "Roku 1080 Media player 2016+" profile for starters. If everything works well for you, then you can just stick with using that one. If you still have issues, then we will need to investigate further.

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