Post Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:57 pm

New TVs and Cinavia

I'm looking at a new Samsung 4k TV, all of my equipment is wired directly into my switch/router.
I stream from my PC which has Serviio installed and it's pointed to a network NAS drive with all my media on it.

I've been starting playback using a Blu Ray player that came with an all in one 5.1 speaker set.
The player had a firmware update issue a while back and it will not install any new firmware which turned out to be a blessing as it's never given me any cinavia related errors whereas my bedroom Samsung Blu Ray player does.

I'm wondering if I should still just start playback from the old Blu Ray player and let the TV upscale to 4K?
I'm thinking if I start playback from the TV I'll start having issues...