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Time line for Major update



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Time line for Major update

First off let me tell you that I have tried many DNLA streaming server platforms and this one is by far the best. With that said I want to purchase the Pro license but with the version number being so near the next major upgrade I am wondering if I should wait til 2.0 or purchase now. What is the time line for the v2.0 release.




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Re: Time line for Major update

I recall not too long ago the developer saying that 2.0 is still quite a ways off. Yes, we are on 1.8, and I'm sure he's working on 1.9. However, after 9 doesn't mean he will be at 2.0. Look at the current Mac OSX versions. They are currently up to OSX 10.12, so there's no reason to believe Zip won't just continue with 1.10 and so on.

That said, I'm no mind reader and really have no idea what his version road map looks like. Personally, I'll pay to upgrade my 1.x license when the time comes. It's worth it for MediaBrowser alone for when I travel. I no longer have to watch the limited selection of channels on the hotel TV, instead I connect my laptop to the TV and connecting to my own media. Fortunately, all of the hotels I use seem to have available HDMI connections, so I'm golden.

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Re: Time line for Major update

2.0 is not planned yet, if ever. So you're safe to buy. In any way, I'd imagine there would be a discount for people upgrading from 1.x Pro anyway.

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