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Serviio HTML5



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Serviio HTML5

Now I know from reading the other HTML5 threads about Serviio's player not supporting HTML5 but I am quite new to the Serviio scene (In fact, its my first time setting up a Linux media server after wrestling with Samba to get it to work) but could anyone here give me advice on how to get a player for Serviio that supports HTML5? Chrome hasn't got native flash support anymore and even my LG G5 won't play Serviio through the normal browser. Anyone got any advice on what I could do?


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Re: Serviio HTML5

I believe HTML 5 is coming to a future version of Serviio, but can't say for certain what version is planned. On BitBucket (where a Serviio development list is maintained and requests tracked) he shows version 1.9, which is the next one due. I have no idea if it's actually made it into that version. Unless you can find a browser for your computer that still supports Flash, there's nothing you can do there. Although I am using Chrome right now and can play videos in MediaBrowser. I just double checked, and I haven't added any extensions for Flash playback, so it seems to be supported on Windows computers. Currently running version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit).

For your phone, you might look for a player app that support DLNA. VLC is one, although I have no experience with any phone version, only Windows desktop. I have no experience with Android phones, so can't suggest anything further as far as apps.

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Re: Serviio HTML5

For your phone try will's ServiiGo app: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6803

Until 1.9 comes out, for your browser you can change your user agent to iPad as per zip's suggestion: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=17298&p=93036&hilit=change+user+agent#p93036
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