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Is possible, all devices can view Kids films automatically

PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:36 pm
by TwistedHelixis
OK, so currently I have two user accounts, kids & adults. Kids user is assigned to kids film folder, adult to adult films folder.

When a new device joins our network I am having to go in and assign it to either kids or adults.

Is there a way that all new devices can access the kids films automatically, unless I assign it adult access specifically.

Also, I have noticed that all our devices are listed multiple times in Serviio, I suspect this is due to DHCP changing the IP addresses once in a while. Can Serviio delete the old devices every now and then?


Re: Is possible, all devices can view Kids films automatical

PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:25 pm
by atc98092
Unfortunately, if you auto-enable access they get access to everything. So without action on your part it's either access to everything or access to nothing.

At this time, Serviio does not have a purge function for the device list. Since not all devices report themselves onto the network via DLNA accurately (Roku devices for one) it might be difficult to make something like that. I would suppose that Serviio could maintain a list of last time that device actually streamed something, and remove any device that hasn't do so within a time parameter, But I'm not certain I would want that myself. It might be simpler to see if your router (or whatever device is assigning your network IP addresses) to see if it can automatically make an IP reservation for a connected device, so it always has the same IP address. The Actiontec DSL router I have does this, and it certainly keeps my list from going nuts. I still do need to cull it at times, because it still contains device addresses that I no longer have on the network.