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Serviio profile for Chromecast

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 5:02 am
by lailateri75
Has anyone figured out a custom profille for Serviio (or Plex) to use with Avia? I have some .avi files that aren't in h.264, and I'd rather not have to convert them all.

I've tried a custom Serviio profile, but can't get it to work (I just modified the container on the Chaneru one), what container should I try to put in?

Plex profiles seems much harder to code, but it's not changing the format when I try to stream it to Avia.

Re: Serviio profile for Chromecast

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 4:01 pm
by atc98092
Yes, it is more difficult to modify Plex profiles. For one, it's difficult to determine exactly which one is being used for a particular device.

I don't know the media support offered by a Chromecast. If it's similar to a Roku or a Fire TV, then H.264 in an AVI container simply needs transmuxing, not transcoding. The difference is that with a mux, you're only changing the container, not the contents. It takes very little CPU power, but depending on the destination container used trick play might not be available.

As a test, try the "Roku 1080 Media Player (2016+)" profile. It should just transmux your AVI file to applehttp, which might be supported by your Chromecast. Wait, I take that back. That profile transcodes the video to H.264, regardless of what the current video is. Although depending on your audio codec, it might do a transmux. If the audio is multi-channel AAC it will mux. But I just found another profile that might simply mux your AVI file. That would be the "Roku TV (non 4K)" profile. Give that one a test as well.