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Cannot see m3u playlists?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 5:18 pm
by ReubenBrown
I cannot see playlists in my devices nor MediaBrowser
(using v1.9 on Windows XP SP3)

I have added some Audio .m3u playlists in a folder under one of my shared folders.
When I look in MediaBrowser, I cannot see the playlists.
I looked under Audio/Playlists
and the folder containing them via Audio/Folder...

The log shows this
2017-11-26 17:10:18,984 INFO [PlaylistFileIndexer] Added playlist 'TEST.m3u' (title: TEST) to Library
2017-11-26 17:10:19,015 INFO [PlaylistFileIndexer] Added playlist 'TEST_Simple.m3u' (title: TEST_Simple) to Library

The playlist TEST_Simple.m3u is simply

That file was also added successfully to the library.
2017-11-26 17:02:06,828 INFO [MediaFileIndexer] Added file 'F:\LPs\zPlaylists\Test_Neg10dB.mp3' (title: Test_Neg10dB) to Library

I've searched through the forums and it seems no one else has a problem with playlists, so can anyone suggest what could be wrong please?

Re: Cannot see m3u playlists?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 8:35 pm
by atc98092
That file doesn't look like it's formatted correctly. Here's the top few lines of one of my M3U files:
#EXTINF:5069, -  - 13 Ghosts
F:\Movies\13 Ghosts (1960).mkv

Notice the #EXTINF that yours is missing. This is one reason I mostly use PLS files, as the syntax is much simpler.