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Samsung PS50C550 Drops Server

PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:38 am
by wher2guv
I have had this TV for 2 weeks I love the TV but the DNLA has been an issue my setup is:-

BT HomeHub 2.0
BT Vision Wired
Samsung TV Wired
Homeplug LAN Adapter


Homeplug Lan Adapter
Netgear 4 port Hub
Video Server Wired
2 PC's Wired

X box 360 Wireless
and 6 or 7 other Wireless Devices

All the above works fine I can stream to Iphone, Ipod and Xbox 360 and all the devices can see each other. My problem starts about 30 minutes after the tv connects to the server not just Serviio the Samsung Server, Tversity and Twonky all do the same. The Movie starts and 30 Mins in or so a message appears on the TV saying no external storage device found. The xbox is still able to see and stream from the server. The only way I can get the TV going again is to restart the BT HomeHub

I have tried a different PC still the same issue, swapped the Cat5 cables, disconnected everything except wifi connected devices and the issue is still there. I have even moved the PC to the living room and wired the PC to the HomeHub direct and only the TV still it drops the server.

I have had an Engineer visit who has fitted a new input board and this has still not solved the issue. I have disabled DHCP and assigned IP addresses manually but something is kicking the TV off the network. The only thing I cant eliminate is the BT HomeHub as I dont have another router to try. Is it just me having these issues!!


Re: Samsung PS50C550 Drops Server

PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:02 pm
by wher2guv
After sleeping on what I wrote last night, I decided to use the TV with a fixed IP address wired to the Netgear Hub and the PC with a fixed IP address connected to the hub. I have managed to watch a full film from start to finish. So obviously some kind of problem with the BT HomeHub. I have plugged the BT HomeHub into the Netgear Hub and everything still seems to work. Watched another movie from start to finish.

So do I have a faulty BT HomeHub or is it a compatibility problem between the TV and HomeHub.