Post Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:54 pm

Content double-listed in VLC - SOLVED?

Okay; so Serviio does a great job of serving up media to my Roku devices and, on my PC, VLC plays fine. However, there's a small issue with VLC and, though it's probably just a VLC issue, I thought I'd post it here because others may have already encountered this and know a solution.

In VLC's Playlist View, every video shows up twice (with exactly the same name). Playing the "wrong" file shows that it's some sort of "cover image" that displays for about 10 seconds (as the playhead moves). Playing the "right" file works perfectly.

When I show the Info dialog for the "wrong" file, here's the location it indicates:

...{time passes}

Found a workaround but it may be a solution only for me: In the Serviio console I turned off the "look for DVD cover art", saved and refreshed. Now VLC's Playlist only shows the one title. As well, Serviio's Media Browser only displays a generic video icon (triangle with film sprockets). Now this may not be what you need but I just need the title displayed.

Perhaps there's a way of fixing the issue directly within VLC. If you know of one, please reply at your convenience. Meanwhile, I'll head over to the VLC forum and inquire there.