Post Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:50 pm

Libratone Zipp Mini is not playing any files from Serviio

Hey folks!

I have several renderers working fine with the Serviio but one doesn't.

I am using BubbleUPNP as streaming app and the only renderer that fails is a NEW ZIPP MINI. Always I use this renderer my BubbleUPNP shows "Source not found Code 716". :cry: When I use the internally identical bigger NEW ZIPP it works fine!

Now I tried several combinations with and without BubbleUPNP and since the Serviio is the only server that makes trouble with BubbleUPNP to New Zipp Mini, I'm rather sure that the Serviio is the component which fails.

Does anybody have the same problem and knows how to fix it?

BubbleUPNP is recognizing the renderer correctly. I already contacted the libratone support whose hints make me also very sure that the Serviio isn't working correctly with New Zipp Mini because each other source will be streamed over DLNA.