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Episodes for "9-1-1" w/IMDB ID show up as "9 end 2 outs"



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Post Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:56 pm

Episodes for "9-1-1" w/IMDB ID show up as "9 end 2 outs"

I noticed the episodes of the new tv series "9-1-1" were showing up in Serviio as "9 end 2 outs".

Following the instructions at http://wiki.serviio.org/doku.php?id=imb ... ata_naming I added the imdb id to each episode as follows:
9-1-1 - S01E01 - Pilot [tt7415864].mkv
9-1-1 - S01E02 - Let Go [tt7657550].mkv
9-1-1 - S01E03 - Next of Kin [tt7611364].mkv

The directory they are in is named "9-1-1"

I verified the IMDBids Ids for each episode are correct on TheTVDB and TheMovieDB websites.

The ones I renamed and a new episode I added this morning still show as "9 end 2 outs".

Under "Descriptive metadata" "online metadata sources" is selected.

I also tried "Force refresh", "Rescan video metadata".

The episodes were still appearing as "9 end 2 outs".

Finally I tried renaming the files without the dashes in the title of the series, like "911 - S01E01 - Pilot [tt7415864].mkv" and serviio found the series (and irinically Serviio displays it with the dashes).

So my questions are:
- Why did it not work with the IMDB ID?
- Why did it work when I removed the dashes in the series name? I recall I used to have the name issue with the X-Files for a long time and had to remove the dash in that title as well, but don't anymore.

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Post Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:08 pm

Re: Episodes for "9-1-1" w/IMDB ID show up as "9 end 2 outs"

You have to use IMDB id of the series, not of particular episode.
Use tt7235466.
In my case it did the trick.

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