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ExpressVPN paired with Serviio



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ExpressVPN paired with Serviio

Hi Guys,
I hope someone can help me get Serviio working properly with ExpressVPN. I only just installed the vpn program and now when I want to watch any of my media on the devices at my house via Serviio I have to switch ExpressVPN off. :( Otherwise the devices don't connect to the server. How do I resolve this? Please help. I would love to have the VPN running all the time but still be able to relax with my tablet and a good movie. Cheers!


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Re: ExpressVPN paired with Serviio

Most, if not all VPNs will not allow local network access when you connect to something via the tunnel. This is a security feature. However, if you can access the ExpressVPN settings (for example, I can't change the settings when using a VPN on my work computer because they lock us out of them), there seems to be a setting that can be changed. See this page: https://www.expressvpn.com/support/trou ... an-access/

However, that may only allow the computer with the VPN installed to access the local network. It might not permit other network devices accessing the computer with the VPN. So if it's your Serviio computer that has the VPN installed, this may or may not resolve the issue. That support page doesn't address that specific circumstance.

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Re: ExpressVPN paired with Serviio


Just wanted to tell you, its not possible to use Serviio console with ExpressVPN turned on even if u check local access. Had same problem and found only two ways to deal with it:

1 - use ExpressVPN with 'Manage connection on a per app basis' and add Serviio Console to allowed list, kinda making Console use VPN, or:
2 - add web browser to allowed list and type in that specific browser, web console adress: http://localhost:23423/console/#/app/welcome

I think its better to use Console itself since often even if u are using web interface, it doesnt see some new movies i added and when im turning VPN off, after few secs, suddenly Serviio sees new stuff.


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