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Audio files show no controls and do not play



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Post Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:27 am

Audio files show no controls and do not play

Serviio Pro 1.6.1, OSX

In the mobile browser, audio files display without controls: no play button, etc. Beneath the file window, a darker bar appears where the controls are in the desktop browser. Tapping the bar plays the file, but when it does, the screen goes black. (On the desktop with any browser, controls appear only after clicking on the control bar.)

Video files play and display as expected.

Is there a setting that causes the controls to appear in the mobile browser, or is this a known bug? I was unable to find a topic that deals with this behavior.

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Re: Audio files show no controls and do not play

try the latest Serviio, 1.6.x is years old

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