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Platform crossover issue between Serviio & Kodi

PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:33 pm
by kittmaster
I have an issue I'm not sure how I want to handle and would like some input.

First, no issue with Serviio.

Now, the issue at hand, for my home server via Synology NAS, my video file structure is Z:\movies. With that, all movies are kept under that folder with Video1.mp4 with its movie poster Video1.jpg so on and so forth.

I've moved to a non serviio USB network share via wireless router in my Airstream travel trailer (ZERO room for any kind of NAS, space or power wise) to serve up videos to my TVs in there. The only program I found that can do the network share parse and pull the movie and poster is Kodi.

Problem occurs that when I copy my NAS files to the portable drive for the trailer, Kodi wants the images to be Video1-poster.jpg.

That is the root now having to maintain two separate image file sets due to naming convention.

Does Serviio support that extra naming convention at the end.....i.e. -poster ? Meaning, if it finds it all plus the addtional -poster that it will render the proper cover?

If it does, then I have an easy fix, but not entirely sure if Serviio requires an exact match between the mp4 and jpg in the same folder.

I could bulk rename the portable drive, but it's more steps and prone to error.

I also don't want to disrupt my NAS as it is stable.

Any thoughts on any of this that might help?