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Streaming 1080p mkvs with DTS audio using Serviio buffering

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 5:29 pm
by kerlimeke75
My high-bitrate movies buffer a lot (5-10 seconds for every 1-2 seconds of play).

Why is this? I'm connected wirelessly from my xbone to my wireless router via 802.11n so the bandwidth should be ample to accommodate even high bitrates of 20-35Mbps. Is there some Serviio config file I need to change to allow higher throughput?

Re: Streaming 1080p mkvs with DTS audio using Serviio buffer

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 6:57 pm
by atc98092
In theory, even 802.11g should be fast enough for almost all 1080p Blu Ray rips. But I've found with WiFi there's theory and then there's real life. I have multiple 802.11ac access points on my network, all connected to Gigabit switches. And I still struggle with some of my movies. Mostly it's UHD rips, with bitrates of 100+ Mbps. But sometimes my Roku players will stumble with 1080 material as well. When at all possible, I much prefer a wired connection. But there are times that's simply not feasible or even possible.

As to any solution, first we need to know what are you using as a player? Is this a TV, a streaming player, a game console? And what profile is being assigned in the Serviio console to the device? It's possible the wrong profile is assigned, and the buffering you get is because something is being transcoded without need, and your computer might not be able to keep up.

If the problem is solely with media with DTS audio, that should be something that can be adjusted with a modified profile, assuming you're already using the most beneficial one available.

Re: Streaming 1080p mkvs with DTS audio using Serviio buffer

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2020 12:11 pm
by freaknik
If you reset your network hardware routers switches does it still stutter?

I have a mix of wireless n and g and can play 1080, but it does buffer if someone else is on wifi doing anything. I think it's a limitation of the router but idk.

One time for me reinstalling the ethernet card driver on my serviio server stopped a bad stuttering problem when I couldn't even play dvd quality, so that's worth a try its easy to do.

Maybe the router is too far away?