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Web Media Browser Cache



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Web Media Browser Cache

There is only one annoying issue that I can't figure out how to solve. When I play a video in the web based Media Browser it only caches ~5 minutes ahead of where I am in the video. When I try to jump ahead it won't let me jump past the cached section.

Is there a way to allow it to jump past the cached section?
Is there a way to have it cache more of the video?

Other than that this is an amazing piece of software that has done everything that I have asked of it.
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Post Tue Apr 20, 2021 1:41 pm

Re: Web Media Browser Cache

That's not MediaBrowser that is caching the video. That is Serviio itself, as it is transcoding the file while you are watching. How far ahead the video is cached is solely controlled by the speed of the computer Serviio is running on. You will find that the longer you watch the video, the further along the transcoding has been accomplished and the further you can fast forward.

One thing that permits jumping past the cached amount is dependent on the format the media is being transcoded into. To my understanding (and I certainly could be wrong), only HLS/AppleHTTP permits that. I have no idea what format Serviio uses to transcode for MediaBrowser. But you could look in the Serviio temp folder while a video is playing (location identified in the Serviio console under Delivery/Transcoding). If you see a file named playlist.m3u8 and a whole bunch of files that start with segment, then it's using HLS and you should be able to jump ahead in the video.

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