Post Sat Apr 17, 2021 8:00 pm

BUG: Serviio blocks unmounts of non-watched drives on macOS

On macOS, with Serviio running (scanning, currently), I am unable to eject all of nine drives I try to eject. In Console, a bunch of messages, such as:

2021-04-17 21:54:34,475 diskutil[36091]: Unmount of disk14 blocked by dissenter PID=86175 (/Library/Application Support/Serviio/jre/bin/java) status=0x0000c010 log=unknown message=(null)

NONE of these drives are shared via Serviio, so it has no reason to even be touching them, let alone blocking them.

EDIT: Even if they were shared via Serviio, it shouldn't block them from being unmounted.