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Video plays and quits after a short time



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Video plays and quits after a short time

I have been using Serviio for the past couple of years. We are using a Roku TV to watch the videos.
The menu selection from the TV is unchanged works fine. Video is selected and it starts playing.
After a short time the video quits. We can go and start another video it plays and then quits.
This started recently. A week ago every thing was working perfectly as it has for the past two years.
I have not updated or changed any thing prior to the problem. Since then I have tried a newer version
of seriio. I noted that the ffmpeg encoder service is using 100% of two processor cores.
I have not noticed this before. Any suggestions on how to proceed to correct this problem?


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Re: Video plays and quits after a short time

What is the operating system of your Serviio computer? Is it Windows? Microsoft often issues updates that change settings that users might have previously made, or change something that wasn't a problem before. One example might be a sleep function on your network card. Your Serviio log might offer a clue as to why playback was stopped.

The FFMPEG use sounds normal for video transcoding. If you are playing incompatible media on your Roku TV, it must be converted to work. First, have you selected the correct profile in the Serviio console for your TV? There are two Roku TV profiles, one for 4K capable sets and one for non-4k. Serviio does not assign them automatically, instead only using the generic Roku profile, which transcodes far more than necessary for your TV.

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