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Where does a single Video File go



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Where does a single Video File go

Finding Serviio excelant and reliable but there is one small issue i am having wit it , after i download a single episode of a UK soap an add it to the video folder i can no longer see it on the Media Browser , i have found a part solution , i add it to a series folder that has several episodes and it wil then apear as a Movie but under a totaly different name . An exmple is an episode i downloaded an saved of a well known soap called Emmerdale , it didnt show when just added to the video folder but when placed inside an series called The Witcher it showed as a film called THE MARVEL , the artwork and discription was all about THE MARVEL but it played as it should , an episode or Emmerdale .

Is there a work around because i sometimes dowload a few days episodes so without the correct titles thers no way to know wich episide was broadcast each day .

Many thanks to anyone that has a solution to the issue .


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Re: Where does a single Video File go

TV episodes, even only a single file, needs to be in a folder with the show title and maybe the year. For example, I have a bunch of Dr Who episodes. But since that show has two different starting years (1963 and 2005) have two separate folders, one for each year. Some TV shows might be ok without the year, but I've found it works best if I add the year to the folder title, just in case there's some stray series with the same name but is completely different content. In fact I have three different series that have the same title but different years: Dr Who (as mentioned), Dragnet (1951 and 1967) and Twilight Zone (1959 and 1985) In fact there's another Twilight Zone that I don't have, so that's at least three different versions.

So, create a folder within your Shared Folders and name it with the TV show title and year (check TheMovieDB.org for the year) and then name the episode file with the show title, season number, episode number, and optionally the episode title. Here's an example: \Doctor Who (2005)\Doctor Who - S02E04 - The Girl in the Fireplace.mkv.

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