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Streaming desktop audio / itunes music on OSX

PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:18 am
by ratx
I was looking for a solution to get my osx desktop audio or really just whatever was playing via itunes to be played via Serviio / the sound system attached to my 2011 Sony TV.

I spent a few days googling and tried out a few things - thought I'd write up what ended up working best for me to save anyone else in the same situation a bit of time...

The best solution for me was using an app called Nicecast and the Serviio Playlist plugin.

Nicecast can be found here: - its non free but there is a demo version you can try out.

Its very easy to setup Nicecast to stream itunes so won't go into that; basically you end up with a url eg which via the Playlist plugin needs adding as http://-SW-uhttp:// ( you might be able to add more flags to get trackname etc - not tried that yet )

Thats basically it! it seems to work fine, bit of a delay in the audio arriving at the TV but thats to be expected.

Another thing to note might be I'm running Serviio on a linux box - so that's configured to streams from my Nicecast / Mac then back over the LAN onto the TV.

Re: Streaming desktop audio / itunes music on OSX

PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:03 am
by Torence
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