Post Tue Mar 03, 2015 6:45 pm

Piracy Problem

Hello together,

it seems that serviio gettin a piracy problem! :( I'm very upset with this because serviio is nearly complete developed by one person and didn't cost much. There is also a free/normal version.
@Zap if you need some more background info feel free to write me, or answer this post.

this is the data of ne *.lic file


this is the readme

1. Close the Task Manager (Win7) the Serviio service
2. End Serviio
3. Go to the directory: C: \ Program Files \ Serviio \ lib and open it with WinRAR file: Serviio.jar
4. WinRAR go to the directory: serviio.jar \ org \ Serviio \ licensing
5. replace the file with the ServiioLicense.class from the directory
C: \ [your directory] \ Serviio \ Serviio \ put_and_replace_into_serviio.jar \ org \ Serviio \ licensing
6. Create the Serviio service and Serviio console again.