Post Fri Mar 13, 2015 7:28 pm

Could use multiple levels of access

I have a WHS 2011 running Serviio, hardware is an i3 processor, 4GB RAM, and storage. I use this primarily to access our photo library from our Sony Smart TV. Although, after seeing the TV to use a 2010 profile (it's a 2011 TV), movies work great.

I have ServiiGo, and ServiiDroid on my phone - again mainly for family photos. Video works most of the time, but I can't count on my phone to keep a solid wifi connection and not burn through excessive wireless bandwidth.

What I would really like would be multiple login / passwords, and to be able to configure apps on Android and iOS to automatically log into them. We have little kids, and their grandparents would love to have a way to view and show pictures, and would like something seamless, but I don't want to open everything to everyone.

My stumbling blocks are as follows:
1) I can't reliably identify a device from the server side to control access - it identifies the TV, and windows media center on my desktop - everything else is 'unknown', identified only by an internal, dynamic IP.
2) I haven't found an iOS app that can retain the password
3) I don't want to button it so tight that I have fettered access from the TV hard-wired to the internal network.
4) Due to the little kids, I just don't have the time to grab more RAM for the server, set up virtual machines, try to run multiple instances on Serviio on different external ports, and see if I can get apps to work with the non-standard ports.