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how i got it working on mac os x with samsung ue40d (again)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:15 pm
by sweden021
Ok, so new problems with the updated version on Serviio. As I understand it Serviio now runs as daemon in root. The same problem as before has now happened as in described in my last post:

This means I can't force quit the server from the activity monitor anymore. To start and stop the server from the console does not work either. But if I run these commands in the terminal it works:

So I made a runnable file with the text editor and terminal for quitting the server:

1. Copied and pasted the line for starting the server into the text editor as written out above in the faq.
2. Made it a clean text file under "format".
3. Saved the file as "stop serviio".
4. Changed the ending of the filename to ".command".
5. In terminal typed in "chmod 755" and made a space.
6. Dragged the file there.
7. Pushed enter.

I now have a script for starting the server. I did the same for starting the server and named it "run serviio". Saved them on the desktop for having them close to hand.

This totally work for me and I'm very happy again :)