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Excellent Serviio experience

PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:51 pm
by Paul C
I have used Serviio for about one year and now a registered user. It is installed on a Acer A150 netbook with 1Gb ram ( yes a netbook !) running Windows 10 which started life as Windows XP upgraded to Windows 8 (with the Microsoft £25 offer) thence to 8.1 and now Windows 10. The server runs only the media software, Windows updates and anti-virus. Most other programs have been removed or disabled.

Serviio has been upgraded to version 1.6. The media library is stored on a WD 2TB USB attached drive. It runs 24/7 and has not been switched off for a year (OK I switched the whole system off when I went abroad for one month). The main purpose is audio although I have a lot of photos and some video mainly home produced. The audio is 99% FLAC and consists of 16/44.1 CD rips (about 600 albums) and some recent 24bit digital purchases (24/88.1, 24/96 and 24/192).

My main digital player (renderer) is a Denon DNP-730AE player which is connected to a Naim NAC72/NAP140 amplifier and Celestion Ditton 25 speakers. The sound is excellent and I have been most impressed and satisfied with my whole digital music experience. The system is controlled by the (excellent) Mezzmo Android control App on a Kindle Fire HDX as the Denon App is unstable

Also connected are two WD TV Media Players, a Panasonic Blu-ray player and Panasonic TVs, and a second Naim system.

The network is wired using a TrendNet router (connected to my Internet router) and some Devolo powerline adapters. Most devices are configured with fixed IP addresses.

Re: Excellent Serviio experience

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:57 am
by freaknik
Yea my setup is similar but instead of setting static IP on each device, I assign IP in the router setup by Mac address. That way all devices on the network are dhcp and the ones you need static have their address reserved. I find it slightly less tedious. I use mine for video, have 2tb Western digital USB in Dell win7 dual core desktop. Panasonic Blu-ray and Chromecast and a Chinese tablet. It plays everything perfectly, and I never upgraded to 1.6, 1.5.2 is working great for me.