Post Mon May 02, 2016 5:32 pm

Serviio with CuBox i4Pro and volumio

I’ve been using Serviio for over a year and been very happy with results. I’ve been serving content from my Synology DS214 Play to my Samsung BD6500 BluRay, and using BubbleUPnP on my Nexus 7 as a controller.

Recently however I purchased a CuBox i4Pro and started using it to run an open source music player called Volumio. I wanted to experiment with this setup because Volumio promotes itself as offering “audiophile quality”, and claimed to offer gapless playback of audio, including flac files (of which I have a lot in my collection).

The Samsung BD6500 is the part of my setup that can’t do fact my understanding is that no piece of kit that has signed up to the DLNA standard is capable of gapless playback. Volumio does it, though.

Having set it all up I also find I can continue to stream my content from Serviio, thanks to Volumio’s UPNP capability (see, which also means that BubbleUPnP recognises Volumio as a player.

I’m currently enjoying very good quality audio playback through my hifi (using an inexpensive Fiio DAC).

NB - Volumio is only an audio player, so this won’t work if you want to play video as well.