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New Serviio 1.8 slow and unstable



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New Serviio 1.8 slow and unstable

I was using 1.6 without issues for last couple of years - installed in fresh Windows 10 Pro computer. Decided to update to version 1.8 and have nothing but problems. Very slow menu refresh on all of my devices and frequent freezes where Serviio is not presenting to renderers at all, and when opening console it comes up with blank white window and never progresses to menus. Even after reboot console is ridiculously slow (was instant in ver 1.6). I'm thinking about reverting to ver 1.6. But would like to give new one chance - any suggestions?


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Re: New Serviio 1.8 slow and unstable

I'm running 1.8 on Windows 10 Pro with no issues. Since a downgrade to 1.6 would require removing 1.8 (not installing over the top), I suggest a clean 1.8 install first. The uninstall and re-install doesn't take too long, but depending on the size of your library it might take a little time to build the database. With my roughly 3500 video files it took about an hour to index everything. Then see if the issues are still present. If they are, there must be something else installed in the computer causing incompatibility, although I have no idea what that might be.

If the problem does continue, I suggest running it for a short time with debug logging enabled, and then send the log to Zip to see if anything appears there. I know he's working on the next release, although I have no idea when it might be available. If there's something in there that he can identify, it might be able to get it into the build.

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Re: New Serviio 1.8 slow and unstable

I am also experiencing problems, problems which should not be there.

Details here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=23783

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