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HEOS app detects Serviio slowly or not at all

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:03 pm
by luder
I use a HEOS wireless audio system and access music on a PC running Windows 7 home. The Serviio server is not detected quickly sometimes not at all on the app. After stopping the server and restarting it usually (not always) appears in the app list of servers. Can anyone suggest a workaround to "kickstart" the detection process? A similar phenomenon occurs with the built-in Windows Media Player server (which I don't use).

Re: HEOS app detects Serviio slowly or not at all

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:52 pm
by Paul C
A few things to try:-

1. What control app are you using?
I have a Denon DNP-730AE streamer (not a HEOS) and the Denon control apps are rubbish and unreliable.
I have used Mezzmo and now use BubbleUPnP control apps on an Android device (Kindle Fire 7 HDX) and these excellent apps overcame my control issues.
You can get free/trial versions to see if it works with your HEOS system.

These are not available on IPad - I have found IPad apps inferior.

2. Check the power/battery settings on your Windows 7 PC (is it a PC or a laptop?).
It maybe is sleeping to save power or battery.
Try setting it to always on.

3. I have used FIXED IP addresses for my server and streamer - as this tends to avoid confusion of changing IP addresses.

4. I also use a wired connection as this is likely to be more reliable than Wi-Fi.

5. Are you using any Internet over power adapters in your network?
My Devolo adapters, for example, have setting to sleep if they detect no traffic which I switched off.

I use Windows 10 on a dedicated slow non-powerful "netbook" and Serviio is fine (in fact it is brilliant).
I have previously used Windows 7 and 8 without issues so your Windows 7 should not be an issue - if its settings as above are OK.

Bubble UPnP allows Qobuz (which I subscribe to) and Tidal (which I have not tried) for CD quality (16 bit/44.1) streaming from the Internet - brilliant.
This overcame a Denon issue of failing to develop the products to access these high music quality Internet-based services.
This is also relevant because I have two sources Serviio and Qobuz, and when I switch Serviio is always there.

I hope these may help.
Perhaps you can explain how you are using your system and network.

Re: HEOS app detects Serviio slowly or not at all

PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:57 pm
by luder
Many thanks for your detailed and helpful reply. I just saw it today when I received an Email notification.
1. I use the HEOS app. I agree it is not much of a product considering the cost of the system. I will do as you suggest and try other apps.
2. IP OK and no power or internet adapters or other power issues I am aware of.
3. Can't do wired connection - HEOS is a wifi system distributed over the house
4. I have noticed in the last week that after the last app upgrade and Windows upgrades (by the way, my Windows 7 drops Home network settings if the router resets and I didn't know that - it seems to be a crucial issue), now Serviio is captured much more quickly and for the time being, the issue seems to be resolved.

I will follow events carefully.
Again thanks for your help
ps Have now looked at Bubble and mezzmo apps. They look good but don't have the functionality and system control that the HEOS app has, they simply stream but don't control the system so well.

Re: HEOS app detects Serviio slowly or not at all

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:13 pm
by Paul C
i am glad you have overcome the issues you had.