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Serviio MediaBrowser Audio on Amazon Silk browser

PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:14 pm
by Paul C
Having got Serviio MediaBrowser to work on my Amazon Kindle HDX using the in-built Silk browser I thought I would share my experiences.
The Kindle HDX and similar models is a Amazon modified Android device.
The first thing is it works although there are some quirks.

Like on a PC the cover art is not sized to fit the playing window - this looks OK on Chris Rea's "Dancing With Strangers" but Chris becomes headless on his album "Chris Rea".
Will raise a request to fix this as it is a general issue - see BitBucket ticket Issue #1052.

Playing audio:-
Songs and albums play OK and sound OK too - on headphones they would be even better.
I was playing flac CD quality (largish files) and also some 24 bit hi-res and all OK (not sure if it was being "transcoded"?).
It took music a short while to start and I thought it was not going to work but it played flawlessly from that point on.
It transitioned from track to track through the album.

Now the quirk - if you selected a different track in the playlist whilst it is playing it does not start automatically and then I realised that despite changing the track name it was re-playing the previously heard track !

Playing Online Sources:-
Playing Internet radio stations it played them well.
However although it appeared to start the station and the clock was running there was no sound - however pausing and re-starting the sound was then immediate. Some sort of timing issue?
Some (a few) did start and play the station properly without stop/start.
There were no issues once they had started.

Some of the text (as on the PC) is very large and consumes the smaller screen.

Overall very successful.

Re: Serviio MediaBrowser Audio on Amazon Silk browser

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:45 am
by Paul C
As requested I enclose example MediaBrowser cover-art