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UNC Names



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UNC Names

in the latest (a few days ago) release of Serviio, if I try to add an UNC \\<servername>\<sharename>\<foldername> then it works, ONLY if the exact case of the UNC is entered. If, for instance, the servername is in lower case and I capitalize the first letter (for a better appearance in Serviio), when I click save, the save button just spins forever and Serviio doesn't work very well or at all on the TV end during the infinite spining. The only recourse is to reboot. On reboot, sometimes the improperly cased UNC shows up in the list of shares but Serviio will not index it and hangs. Does not appear to accept "mapped drives" either as a vehicle for provide for more user friendly names.

You may need to change this, at least for Windows, to ignore case or to permit a "user friendly name" or "Display NAME" in Serviio when I access the list of shares (folder names) from my TV or Android Box


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Re: UNC Names

In general Windows is not case sensitive with things like this. I usually see case sensitive only when I'm working on a -nix box. If the box you are using the UNC to connect to is a NAS device, it is likely running a version of Linux. That is out of the control of Serviio or the Windows box. I've never encountered a problem with case when connecting to a Windows share.

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