Post Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:17 am

Serviio v2.0 playing to Web Browser on FireTv

Some notes on using Media Browser on Firetv. Tested with Firefox & Amazon Silk. Both mostly work if the playing window is full screen. Seeking via the time bar is not functional on both Web browsers. Both Browsers can't render video unless full screen. I suspect flow player is unable to work on the chopped down firetv browsers.

Notes on using the Alexa skill on Asus gt-ac5300 routers. UPNP settings for remote access close on many routers on inactivity. ASUS is one of these. So you set up the router, works fine; UPNP timesout port forwards, and user thinks skill is
Broken. You may want to refresh those upnp settings every [N] hours or suggest the user use permanent router port forwards.

Still praying that a playto button for devices configured for DLNA friendly names will someday... Since you have that
Stuff in the Alexa skill I assume could be a drop down of friendly device names.

Nuff said and a great Update.