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Problem with Samsung TV



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Problem with Samsung TV

Hello all,

I own a 2020 year Samsung smart TV (I don't know the exact series) and I am having a problem with streaming video.

I use a DLNA server to stream movies, since using HDMI is kind of outdated and I cannot use media controls with my Samsung remote. I have a pretty fast internet connection and my TV is wired up to the internet, so there should be no problems.

I use Serviio and it works very unstabily. Sometimes, Serviio shows up correctly under the "sources" tab and works perfectly, but a lot of the times Serviio is just not there. Sometimes I must wait and it appears and on some occasions it never comes up, even though my computer is running it. Sometimes it works, but halfway through the movie it just stops working and disconnects. Again, I have a fast internet connection and there should be no problems with it.
showbox speed test

I have also tried using Universal Media Server and the problem persists.

Sometimes my TV randomly disconnects from the network, but even after I reconnect Serviio doesn't show up.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Maybe I have to configure my local connection or something. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Problem with Samsung TV

Since you're tried more than one DLNA server with the same issues, that really points to the TV as the problem. I have to say that I stopped using the built in player on my Samsung TVs years ago. Samsung simply doesn't put much effort into their DLNA functionality, and it shows. I switched to alternate players and have been much happier. I've used Blu Ray players, Roku players, and the Nvidia Shield. The Shield is the best player, as it can play everything without transcoding, but it's more expensive and more work to configure compared to some other player. There's also Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV players, and they all do a far better job than what's built into your TV.

As to attempting to make your Samsung work better, it's doubtful there's much you can do. Make sure the firmware is up to date, and you don't have any networking issues. If you're using a wireless connection, make sure there's no security enabled on your WiFi that blocks connected devices from seeing each other. On the computer that is running your DLNA server, either disable the firewall completely, or ensure your DLNA server has been given full permission to get through the firewall.

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