Post Tue Dec 01, 2020 6:39 am

Strange characters st the end of file names

I'm a newbie to Serviio and so far so good

However I've got a couple of questions which so far I cant find the answers to ....

1) I have shared a USB drive with a music folder in and it all works well however on my Samsung TV all folder names and file names have � after them, almost as though an unknown character is trying to be displayed.
I've checked the actual folder and file names and cannot see anything that could cause this and when opening the same using Serviio Media Browser on other devices the characters do not show, hence I'm thinking it's something at the Samsung end rather than Serviio.
Has anyone any ideas how to resolve this, it doesn't after functionality but does look slightly off putting, or maybe it's my OCD :) ?

2) I've also shared an iTunes folder which is located on the same PC as I've installed Serviio (Windows 7 Ultimate)
For some reason all the album art is not showing when you open up any of the tracks (all converted to MP4)
Is this just an iTunes thing or have I not done something correctly?