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Excellent Serviio experience

PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 1:38 pm
by ocaisceti94
Serviio is awesome! I am using Serviio on my MacBook Pro laptop and streaming to two Samsung TVs (UN50JU7100FXZA and UN55KU6300FXZA). My only issue with the software and I honestly will say this is probably more me than the software, is trying to understand how Serviio handles Metadata. Otherwise the software is performing perfectly.

Re: Excellent Serviio experience

PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:26 pm
by atc98092
Serviio gathers metadata in multiple ways. The simplest way is to use online resources, which is the default setting. For movies it uses and for TV shows it uses This requires the file names to be in a specific format for proper title identification. There are four other options that Serviio can use, but I honestly am not familiar with any of them. One option is using .NFO files, but I have no idea how to create them.

For audio files, such as MP3 or M4A, I believe Serviio can extract embedded metadata, but I don't use Serviio for music so I have no experience with them.