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Audio out of sync



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Audio out of sync


I'm new to the Serviio community, and I'm very much a beginner.

I have a Samsung PN51D550 TV. I like to stream movies via ethernet over my home network from my PC to my TV.

Most movies play with no problem. But some movies, the audio starts going out of sync after a couple minutes, and it gets worse as the movie goes on, to the point of being unwatchable. If I play the same movie on WMP on my PC, it plays fine and audio stays in sync.

I was using Samsung Allshare as my DLNA server, but at this point, I uninstalled and decided to try Serviio, but this didn't fix the problem.

I tested a few dozen movies and narrowed it down to movies that use HE-AAC for the audio stream. I guess the TV only supports regular AAC. (user manual: http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/conte ... 151140457/[ENG_US]PX5ATSCA-1020.pdf) (page 181-182)
(Edit: this forum doesn't seem to make a correct hyperlink out of the URL above due to the brackets; you'll need to manually copy/paste if you want to check out the user manual)

My problem is, in Serviio, even when I have the Samsung D-series profile selected, and have transcode turned on, the audio still goes out of sync.

How can I make this work? Is it a problem with the D-series profile? Is there a way to get transcode to fix this on the fly? Do I need to use Handbrake or something to alter the audio stream?

Thanks for your time.


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Re: Audio out of sync

While I will admit I rarely use the DLNA app in my Samsung sets for viewing any longer, I never encountered any audio sync issues. I will say that Samsung does a lousy job of supporting DLNA on their Smart TVs. I suspect they broke something in a firmware update. Wouldn't be the first time for them.

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Post Mon May 08, 2017 3:49 am

Re: Audio out of sync

I may have found a solution.

I found this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0PKW6sr06Q

...which said that not only has my audio been out of sync, it hasn't been surround sound either.

I used ffmpeg to convert the audio stream like the video said, and my movie was in sync!!!

It will take some time to convert all my movies, and the size of the files are increasing about 10%, but after over a year with no solution, it's nice to finally have a working one.

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