Post Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:55 pm

Profiles for STBs of Polish Platforma Canal+


For the last few days I've been playing with seemingly undocumented features of 2 set-top-boxes for the Polish satellite network Platforma Canal+ (formerly NC+, Cyfra+). Those devices support accessing DLNA media servers.

As mentioned I have 2 devices:
    WIFIBOX+ - Sagemcom DSIW74
    4K ULTRABOX+ - Technicolor Delivery Technologies USW4001NCP

The latter is also available as NCP-3670SF and they do look the same/share specifications. However I do not have the means of testing if they work the same.

DSIW74 is quite intolerant of transcoding settings as I've indicated in the comments. It is also not visible at all via UPnP.

USW4001NCP does appear as an UPnP device, but GetProtocolInfo only returns Source data for the device's DVR functions, which do seem proprietary from my amateur probing. Sink is empty. It is also attached for reference.

I have created profiles and successfully tested them with a somewhat broad range of input video files. This was mostly done by trial-and-error but I'm satisfied with the results and wanted to share it with the community. I'm not sure about the format of profiles and how exactly should those STBs be entered into the wiki, so please enlighten me :)

Edit: I have not rigorously tested audio and pictures due to my use case focusing strictly on video files. I'll try to test them tomorrow and amend the config if needed.
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