Post Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:34 am

Philips HMP5000


I was running very successfully another DLNA server on windows for several years.
Now, I am thinking of switching to serviio. So I installed it (Windows 7) to try it out.

So far I was using Philips Media Player HMP5000. It recognises serviio server very fast and I can browse my folders as I set it up. So far so good!

BUT: I cannot jump in the playback. The MPH5000 has a menu called "GO TO" where you can enter a time to
which you would like to jump to continue playback.
I can see this menu, I even can choose a time - but the playback does not jump to that (or any other) position.

I guess it is related to the Profile? (Currently using the Generic DLNA profile) But the list does not offer a matching profile.

What can I do?

Another thing is that in past the player remembered where I stoped the playback and was asking me next time if I would like to continue at that position again.
This also seems not to work anymore. Is it probably also an profile issue?

Before I am going to buy the pro version I would like to know if this can be fixed somehow.

Thanks & Regards,