Post Thu Nov 05, 2020 7:47 am



Since I am not a programmer in groovy and I have not made any plugins, I am asking if someone can re-develop the CRICFREE.TV/CRICFREE.SX plugin.

My idea is that since all the channels work through CRICFREE.TV/UPDATE/[channel name/php site here], we can easily get hold of the stream since this file does not move and is never changed.

I mean I watch the streams this way since I know that if I wanted to watch a live game on sky sports 2, I would just go to CRICFREE.TV/UPDATE/skys2.php.

The only object that appears on that page is the swf player with the stream, so is it possible to make a plugin which just extracts the rtmp from the playing video and then plays it as a livestream in Serviio?