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Serviio not recognizing DVD rips as movies??



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Post Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:53 am

Serviio not recognizing DVD rips as movies??

I have a movie library composed of several folders (below) and it is managed using MyMovies.
One folder (films) has movie subfolders each containing a movie file (mkv, mp4...) as well as poster image (as a hidden file), sometimes subtitles
One folder (DVDs) has movie subfolders containing the ripped video_ts (with all the vob files) and audio_ts (empty) folders, as well as hidden images.
One folder (BluRays) has sub movie folders containing the movie file (mkv, mp4...) and hidden images.

All these have been selected in Serviio as shared folder containing videos.

All movie folders have a mymovie.xml file, and in the serviio console I did specify that MyMovies is the metadata provider.
Most of the files also have a name.dvdid.xml (not sure where that one came from), but there is no correlation with the presence of that file and the issue described below.

I am accessing Serviio library from a Roku Ultra using the Roku Media player.

PROBLEM: None of the movies in the DVDs folder show up under movies in Serviio, they do show up in the folder view.
Almost all of the movies in the Film folder and the bluerays folder show up under Movies in Serviio, but a couple don't.
All of the movies are accessible and playable via Serviio Folder view.
All of the movies are in MyMovies.

I tried doing a force refresh of the library and a rescan of the metadata, but it still does not pickup all of the movies under Serviio "Movies" folder

So my question, is what influences the fact that some movie folder are recognized as Movies in Serviio and some not?
It cant be the fact the file is not playable, as if I go to the folder view, I can play the file.

The main issue with the above problem, is the fact that when accessing a DVD rip through Serviio "Folder" view, stacking does not seem to work, so it only plays the first vob file, then you have to select the next one manually.

Thank you for any suggestions.


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Post Mon Jan 11, 2021 2:21 pm

Re: Serviio not recognizing DVD rips as movies??

What is your file naming format? The file name has to meet certain criteria for on-line metadata retrieval, and perhaps you have the same issue when using a local file. I have no idea what the contents of the XML file looks like, as I use online metadata so have never bothered with it. But perhaps there's a field in the XML file that is supposed to identify it as a movie and it's not accurate. Again, I'm just throwing out a guess here.

I only have one or two VOB files, but Serviio does identify them as a movie. I've never copied the entire disc structure, so I have no experience with multiple files for the same media. I've used MakeMKV for years just to extract the core movie, and never bothered with the additional content. I do have a few titles that have more than one MKV file, and Serviio does stack them for continuous playback.

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