Post Fri Jan 15, 2021 9:34 pm

Alexa support in Spanish

Dear all,

As simple as that: I would propose to extend the current support of Alexa to Spanish language. We have so far some good support in English, but I am missing Alexa in Spanish.

I noticed a big raise of Alexa users in Spain and Latam over the last few months, and there are not that many options to use Alexa with a media center in spanish. In fact there is My Media skill (reguires yearly subscription)and is a very limited media indexer and streamer for audio. Other skills like Plex are not available in Spanish, so perhaps a good opportunity to position Serviio with Alexa in the forefront in the spanish market.

I would be happy to contribute with my effort to the development if it makes it easier to start, with the translation of commands, as well as with beta testing. I am currently a register pro user and have Alexa all over the place at home and use Serviio with multiple DLNA devices (on TV, Mobile devices, Echos, Computers,etc.) and over the ServiiGo app. My use is local video, audio, and images.

Would you see any potential for this?