Post Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:51 pm

Oldies Radio Streams anyone? UPDATE

This stream just about made me have an acid flashback, Things like Scott Mackenzie singing San Francisco.. I almost felt the hot rats burning holes in my tie died tea shirt again...just hope they play some Zappa now and then 8-)
OOPS :oops: it turns out it is an advert stream for a radio streaming software company... sorry guys ...though I must say the stream setup is killer for pop listening.. whatever compression setting they are using is great for pop...better than any mp3 setting I have heard at 96k 44100. So I will leave it for those who are interested in using it as a reference for pop audio streams. It comes down the pipe at under 20 kb/s and goes back up to the player at almost 200kb/s or so as lpcm. It is fairly accurate considering that it is highly compressed.

It does not drop at all, even though to an Allshare, it must be transcoded...great work again Zip and the others that helped with this release :mrgreen:

For those who want a current working mp3 oldies url....

Name this Star 104
Reliable and good quality.

from a shoutcast pls dig down ...this is a decent 128 kbs mp3 stream that plays a variety of oldies.
For those looking for actual stream urls sometimes the fastest way to find it is to launch a shoutcast or whatever pls with VLC and then use the tools menu to find the actual stream url.

Please feel free to add other direct urls to oldies stations that work without having to wade through .pls and m3u.
Please post direct links to a streams only and include a name for the stream 8-) . I am an old classical hippy at heart and like stuff that only guys over 50 can remember.... Would be really nice if we can find some good Motown or R&B. Thumbnails would be nice but a name for the stream is more important.