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LG 47LS5600 and DTS transcoding



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LG 47LS5600 and DTS transcoding


I recently installed the Serviio software so I could stream movies and TV shows to my new LG 47LS5600 TV.
One big let down I found when I got this TV was that it doesn't do DTS audio. I was hoping that the transcoding feature of this software could help.

So after setting up the server, enabling transcoding and "downmix to stereo", and setting the profile to "LG TV/Player" I attempted to stream a 1080p mkv file with DTS audio.

Sadly, I still ended up receiving a "unsupported audio" message.

Not wanting to give up so soon, I went back to the Serviio console and had a look at the profiles to see if there were any others that I could try.
I chose to just try one randomly and hope for the best. I selected "Panasonic Viera (2010)" and hit save.

Went back to my TV crossing my fingers to try again and to my surprise it played the movie with audio!
I stopped the movie and tried about 5+ others that were all DTS and it played every single one of them.
The only issue I ran into was trying to seek, it would freeze up.

Anyways, I don't know why it works but I just wanted to post my story and say thanks! I am glad I won't have to go through the trouble of re-encoding all my movies just so they will work on this tv.


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Re: LG 47LS5600 and DTS transcoding

I have posted this topic viewtopic.php?f=12&t=8004

I think it could help us both.

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