Post Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:49 pm

Streaming stops after pausing on H Series

This started recently after the 1.9.x updates

If once is streaming a video to the H series TV, after pausing the playing within about 10 seconds the TV stops playing the video citing an error. However if within those 10 seconds, one fast forwards or reviewing (even just a single click) it continues to play normally without stopping.

Not sure what this means, but this was never an issue in the older version of Serviio. Does the server stop sending streaming data when the TV pauses and doesn't resume when it starts to play?

I've tried using other streaming servers like Plex and don't see this issue with those servers. Something about 1.9.x seems to have broken this. Definitely prefer Serviio so would be nice this could be fixed.

EDIT: BTW, there is no transcoding happening here. It happens with all files, TS, MP4, MKV.